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apartment house in Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary

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Hajdúszoboszló lies in the northeast part of Hungary, 200 kms (130 miles) from Budapest and 20 kms (13 miles) from Debrecen, in the vicinity of Hortobágy. The complex medical treatments provided for all guests who wish to cure or bathe in the city are based on the medicinal water which comes from a depth of 1100 metres and has got a temperature of 75 degrees Centigrade. The medicinal water is perfectly suitable for curing rheumatic and gynecological diseases and for follow-up treatment of muscle and bone injuries or inflammation.
You can also enjoy plenty of sunshine, the microclimate of the bath (the mist containing iodide), the large water surface (nearly 10,000 square metres, i.e. 2.4 acres), the Aquapark, the wonderful open-air bath reconstructed and completed in 2002 with spectacularities unique in Eastern Europe as well as the swimming pool conforming international standards. The sights and spectacular nature in and around the city provide many interesting programs, such as sightseeing in Debrecen, visiting Hortobágy, trips to the Eger and Tokaj wine regions.
The apartment house Margaréta which was opened on 1st June, 2002, can be found in the resort area of Hajdúszoboszló, about 500 metres from the entrance of the bath, in a quiet, calm and green environment. There are 4 suites and 2 studio apartments in the apartment house to satisfy the needs of the guests who wish to relax or cure.
The suites and apartments furnished luxuriously offer high quality and comfortable accommodation for 6+2, 4 and 3 people, respectively, therefore they are convenient for families, friends or individual travellers. Each suite consists of a bedroom, a living room, a completely equipped kitchen including a microwave oven, a bathroom and a terrace or balcony with garden furniture. The studio apartments include a completely equipped kitchen built in the living room, a bathroom and a balcony with garden furniture.
The furniture in the apartment house is made of antiqued pine. Excellent Italian made medicinal mattresses can be found in all beds. Each suite and studio is equipped with a television set suitable for watching 65 channels and with a telephone. Access to the Internet is possible with one's own computer. A closed parking lot and a garage provides for the safety of the guests' cars.
You can find all conditions of the well deserved quiet relaxation and recreation in the high quality environment offered by the friendly apartment house Margaréta. We await all guests who wish to relax, cure or enjoy the bath. The season lasts 365 days in Hajdúszoboszló!
Prices (Euro) Studio apartment (1 room)
(40 m2)
Apartment with 2 rooms
(65 m2)
Apartment with 3 rooms
(100 m2)
Time 1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers. 4 pers. 5 pers. 6 pers. 8 pers.
09.01. - 05.31. 31 36 41 43 48 54 77 87 97 108
06.01. - 08.31.
04.12. - 04.21.
12.24. - 01.02.
41 47 55 56 64 72 104 114 129 145
The tourist rate is not included in price. This is 410 Ft/person/night. Grounds of tourist tax: under 18 and over 70 years.
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Margaréta u. 5.
30-995-7613, 30-935-8866, 52-558-996
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